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Kheops and it’s implications

Social Responsability

Before even being corporate officers, shareholders and employees, we are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and neighbors. We always have cared about others. This is why social responsibility is not only an integral part of our “business model”; it is our natural way of doing what we do. In addition to distributing meaningful gifts, our social achievements are another way to tell you who we are. For years, we have worked diligently to make our “corporate conscience” a reality, taking great care of our employees, close communities, customers and manufacturers. And we will continue to uphold that commitment to corporate responsibility. At Kheops it’s more than a product, it’s a lifestyle.

We believe that by helping others today, we will draw closer to the achievement of solidarity and unity on our planet. This is why we proudly give support and donations to the following organizations every year:

– Equiterre

– Sécurité Alimentaire Victoriaville, our local food bank

– Foyer St-Anges, our local residence for elderly people

– Maison des Jeunes de Ham-Nord, local youth club

– Société des missions étrangères

– Arbres Évolution (

In 2015, we started collecting used books to send to schools in South Africa. We are proud to provide support to kids in need from this part of our lovely planet. Here’s a brief testimony:

“Dear Russ, I’m very pleased to inform you that the package arrived last week. I will take it to the schools in the north of Senegal in my next trip. The books are very interesting and they will surely open windows to the world for the kids. Thanks so much for caring for the kids in my part of the world. Warm regards, Ousmane”


Since 2015, Kheops has been involved, yet more into projects that care for ecology and sustainable development education. Since 2016 we proudly sponsored the C.A.P. Eco-community, a non-profit organization, with its brand new experimental “Earthship” greenhouse model. Our greenhouse of the future has a smart and strategic combination of recycled materials and innovative technologies to create an ideal microclimate for abundant crop growing. For more information, please go

Through our involvement in the environmental field, we want to demonstrate our commitment into creating a more ecological world yet more human in which principles of sustainable development will be a top priority and more likely to create a better world for all.

our projects

Environmental Responsibility

Kheops instills environmental responsibilities as a corporate value in buying, selling and using environmental friendly products. We also reuse and recycle whenever possible.

Few examples of our actions:

– We recycle plastic containers and bags, shrink wrap, metal, glass, cardboard, paper, catalogs, magazines, newspapers and old computers.

– We compost food scraps, coffee grinds, cafeteria napkins and hand paper towels.

– We reuse packaging material as much as possible.

– Our brown packaging paper is made with 50-60% post-consumer recycled fibers, which are recyclable and biodegradable.

– Our printer paper is made of 100% post-consumer recycled material.

– We return empty ink cartridges to be refurbished refilled or recycled.

– Kheops catalogues are printed on FSC certified paper (from wood that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner).

– Our company note paper is 100% post-consumer paper.

– To save energy on lighting, cost-effective LED tube lights have been installed in all our offices and warehouse.

– We gather our errands to make fewer trips to the local banks, post office.

– We car pool.

– We use ceramic mugs and plates in our cafeteria instead of paper or plastic cups.

– We use natural & biodegradable cleaning products.

– We don’t use any pesticides or chemical herbicides on our lawns and in our flower boxes.

– Due to increasing weekly shipments, we have put a program into place that allows us to greatly reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees every year.

Kheops team strives for developing eco-friendly practices and improving its ecological footprint year after year. The team also cares about saving energy: turning off lights, computers, thermostats, is now well implemented.

We lend a part of our property and materials to a local elementary school for various activities such as ecological and sustainable development projects. Kheops International brings financial support to an ecovillage located in Ham-Nord. If you wish to get more details and information, please visit the following web site:

A Thousand thank you…..The Kheops family is very grateful for your business and considers you as “business partners”. Your support is the main reason for our success and once again we want to thank you to have let us serve you and this for over the past 25 years!.