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DESCRIPTION: Each twisted branch of this lovely Chakra Tree of Life pendant has its own natural stone that represents one of the chakras. (Iolite, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Chalcedony and Garnet). The pendant’s bail will fit most cords and chains. (Chain not included). SYMBOL: The tree of Life is the structure on which the universe is built. It explains the immutable laws of Nature. The 7 rainbow colors are associated to the chakras and the endocrine system. Violet, crown chakra is our connection with universal energies. Indigo, 3rd eye chakra is for forgiveness & compassion. Blue, throat chakra is for physical & spiritual communication. Green, heart chakra is for love and sense of responsibility. Yellow, solar plexus chakra is for power and ego. Orange, sacral chakra is associated with emotions and sexuality. Red, root chakra is for grounding and survival. SKU:#99033