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DESCRIPTION: Discover the power of our glass Ritual Candles for prayer, meditation, invocation, or manifestation. Crafted from regular paraffin with a lead-free wick, each candle offers a 7-day burn time. Suitable for various faiths, ignite the spiritual journey with these enduring and meaningful candles. QUALITY: Vision SYMBOL: The raven, often associated with death, holds a deeper meaning. Death signifies the end of a cycle, paving the way for transformation and new beginnings. The raven symbolizes change and opportunity, embodying insight, prophecy, and guidance. It serves as a powerful reminder to embrace transitions, trust our intuition, and seek wisdom in the midst of transformation. The raven symbolizes the potential for growth and the emergence of newfound knowledge along life’s intricate journey.The fragrance of myrrh is associated with sacredness, spirituality, and ancient rituals. Revered for centuries in various cultures and religious practices, it signifies purification, divine connection, and a sense of grounding. The deep, resinous scent evokes a mystical ambiance, enhancing insight and enriching the vision we hold within, offering a profound and contemplative essence for meditation, prayer, and ceremonial settings.SKU:#81688

WEIGHT: 1.2 pounds.