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DESCRIPTION: Our beautifully designed flat side singing bowl includes a wooden dowel-striker. The cover has been designed with the Medicine Buddha and has been finished in burnt sienna. The striker can be used in two ways to produce sound. It can be used to gently tap the side of the bowl, which produces a ringing sound, similar to a bell or, it can be run along the rim of the bowl to produce a hum. The hum will intensify with each pass of the wooden dowel and the bowl will sing. This bowl is made of 5 metals: Aluminum, Iron, Tin, Lead and Mercury. SYMBOL: Known as the Medicine or Healing Buddha, Bhaisajyaguru is said to dispense spiritual medicine. In his left hand Bhaisajyaguru holds a medicine bowl filled with the healing elixir that transforms all ills. His right hand lies on his lap in medicine mudra.SKU:#31112