This single syllable word is considered the most sacred of all Mantras. It has its origins in Hinduism, but is used in a variety of spiritual practices including Buddhism and Jainism. The OM is believed to be the name of God and is the sacred sound of all creation. It is said that prior to creation, a state of potentiality existed in nothingness. As this potential emerged; creation was born from the void. the Divine consciousness took tangible form, initially manifesting as the sound or vibration of “OM” or “AUM”.

Although it is a single syllable word, the sound as it is chanted, actually has 3 separate sounds that merge together. It starts off with an “ah” sound, merging into the “Oh” and finally the “M”. The separate sounds are subtle, but they have great meaning. Each one represents an individual part of a holy trinity that forms the whole. In Sanskrit, the a and u combine to form the o sound. The letter “A” represents the wakeful state, “U” the dream state, and “M” the state of deep sleep. In Hinduism, the letters represent the 3 major Gods; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; the creator, preserver and destroyer.

This mantra is used to serve as a reminder of our connection to the Creator and all life. It is the primordial vibration that links everything together – from the unfathomably vast expanses of the Universe itself, to the tiniest particles of matter, and everything in between. All that exists, is born from this source.

The OM serves as a reminder of our greatness, but also serves to humble us. Meditating on this sound raises our energetic vibration, removing anxiety and stress, while reconnecting us spiritually to our source. Connecting with this source often, helps reestablish a sense of spiritual connection and bonding with others as well, enhancing empathy and compassion.

It brings peace to body, mind and spirit. OM is often chanted prior to yoga or meditation practices. It instantly raises vibrations and brings one to full and present awareness.

The OM is also depicted as a Sanskrit symbol. This widely recognized symbol is placed on many things, from spiritual items, to clothing and even home décor. Even the presence of the symbol serves as a reminder of our connection to the creator. Keeping it visible helps draw that sacred energy close.

Embracing the OM energy opens you up to higher awareness and deeper understanding.

Linking to this energy through sound is a powerful healing experience.