For many of us, meditation seems to be inaccessible and even off-putting at first glance; focusing for several minutes, or even hours, represents a huge challenge or simply a waste of time.

Our mind doesn’t want to be forced to stand still and think of nothing; despite our will, our mind escapes and wanders all over the place, depending on the interests or concerns of the moment.

Why therefore undertake such a practice you say? Here’s another way to approach meditation.

First of all, meditation is intended as a relaxation tool; this is the best anti-stress that exists.

Sit back and give yourself a time out; Choose a place in your home where you know will be best for you; surround yourself with a few meditation tools such as semiprecious stones, inspirational images or light a stick of incense. For some people, relaxing music will be a first choice.

Sit on a comfortable cushion and breathe; Let your imagination wander, enjoy this moment of stillness, let flow all thoughts and emotions that arise, let yourself go in this abandonment without judgment or restrictions. Focus on your breathing.

This state of well-being will make you eager to repeat the experience.

Allow yourself to live this relaxation several times, do not force anything; little by little, your mind will get used to relaxing therefore, thought- free moments will settle by themselves, even without you noticing.

Will come a time where you will consciously be able to reduce your mental activity to extend the so called “zones of relaxation” in your brain to come to the essential, the present moment in the union of your being and the universe.

To get to this point, one must invest time required and not have any expectations of immediate results or miracles at first try.

But perseverance is advisable for a global improvement of mood and health it provides and for serenity and peace it promotes.

Have a good meditation!