Personal growth remains a necessary and even essential quest to our human evolution human evolution.

Even though this term has been profusely used, it is still true that the goal to be aimed remains commendable at all points of view and the results from it will change your life forever.

However, to maximize the benefits, here are a few practices which proved successful and which will also serve you as beacons.

To know oneself

We think we know ourselves well but, it is when we meet with other people, within various activities  that we come to better identify who we are, how we define ourselves, how we perceive ourselves, our needs, the image projected of ourselves and the image of others projected on to us… on the condition of being open to other people’s perception, even if what we come to see is somewhat disappointing.

To surround ourselves with inspiring people

As far as possible, we should choose people who make up our surroundings; favor people who make us want to be better, do more, who show us the half full glass instead of the opposite; people who make us love life instead of undergoing it and who awaken in us the desire to go further.

In the same stride, dare to have the courage to slowly get away from people who tend to drain your precious energy by pulling you in their negative vision of the world and in their discouragements.

But all this, you will object, what about mutual aid? These people probably need help!

True, unless you have an abundance of energy to spare, because it can become exhausting to try helping others when struggling with a life that often tries to show us its darkest side.

Practice daily 3 good deeds

Prepare a personal calendar in which 3 inspiring actions are written daily and which will be accomplished during the day.  Be generous toward others; offer a genuine smile to people you see on a weekly basis rather than having an inattentive attitude or help an elderly person to carry a parcel or open a door with a smile…

Being generous does not necessarily mean to send money to a charity; besides this, a thousand small actions can be taken on a daily basis that will nourish the heart of people who surround you and feed yours in return. You’ll feel a better person and from time to time you’ll be eager to find the feeling of fulfillment that resides inside of you in those precious moments.

Also, bring your attention to the good things that happen in your life, write them down and give thanks.

Do not draw comparisons

Nothing more insidious than to compare and yet we keep on being bombarded daily by the media with advertising slogans making us believe that others are happier, more beautiful, thinner and more educated because of more rewarding jobs or whopping salaries…

We must remind ourselves on a daily basis how unique we are, incomparable to anyone else, at the right place at the right moment, and that the universe is wonderful in all its diversity.

Writing: a therapeutic tool

Get in the habit of writing every day, if only a few lines; keep a diary close by to write your state of mind, your frustrations, your joys and wishes.

Write to express what takes place in the depths of you; your journal will become the confidant to whom you can afford to say everything, to share everything; what will often avoid to keep inside of refoulements harmful and destructive in the long term.

Widen your horizons

Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new in your life such as learning a new language, meet new people or why not try doing something you have never done by yourself? This will create new opportunities for you to grow, to surpass and reveal yourself under a different light.

Traveling light

We focus over time in many small souvenirs, small trinkets that we have gleaned here and there over time that keep us emotionally attached to the past.

Because the present moment is a better place to be, best is to gently let go of all these knick-knacks before the experience becomes traumatic. You will find with time, a sense of liberation that will inevitably lead to new perspectives.

Turn off the television

It is, for some of us a hard thing to do I must admit, especially as we are in an era of globalization, bombarded with information that appear to us as essential!

But if you already tend to get a little depressed at the slightest bad news or if you carry the weight of our flawed world on your frail shoulders to the point of losing sleep, TURN OFF THE TELEVISION!

Concentrate on what makes you feel good: relaxing music, a soothing meditation and inspirational photos.

Take some time in nature

Take time to relax in nature, to meditate, and be one with her. Be in peace with her, breath her fragrances, feel all the life in her… You will return restored, calm and happy.


To read is an activity of incomparable relaxation. The choice of inspiring books is immeasurable and can provide some beneficial ideas. Several authors deliver the course of their lives with great authenticity and help by the same time, thousands of people find themselves through these courses.

Regain sens of humor

Rediscover our inner child in the spontaneity of laughter.  As we become adults, we forget the simplicity of laughing heartily and the benefits that result from it. The world of adults is a serious world. Our mind leaves little room to the childish simplicity of spontaneous laughters.

Discover a passion

Find a passion! Be it arts, sports, learning a language, going on trips! It is very rewarding and it feeds the heart to discover ourselves a passion.  It opens up horizons and increases your level of self-esteem.

Focus attention on someone else than you!

Act in a generous way for someone you know, help a person in need…

By moving your attention to others instead of yourself, you will be able to see how many little services and simple things you can do which will soften the lives of your loved ones.

Nobody until today has found a better formula than helping others to attract happiness and peace of spirit and soul toward you!