Reiki is a system of integral healing by means of spiritual energy. It is applied by using and directing the energy of healing by the laying on of hands. This manual therapy brings extra Energy to the body.

The practitioner can channel universal energy and begin healing in letting the energy flow through the hands on to the body that needs it.

Reiki can release physical and emotional blockages, promote relaxation and help eliminate toxins from the body to begin the healing that is needed.

We have all of this universal energy at our birth; however, the stress and anxiety created by our modern-day lives, gets us farther and farther away.

The Japanese word Reiki evokes the fact to absorb the “Ki”, of the universe; In fact, the syllable “Rei” means the spirit and the “Ki” designates the universal energy.

Here at Kheops Int., we wish to offer our clients significant products of metaphysical nature such as our metal chimes commonly used by Reiki practitioners in assistance to their practice.

Reiki is known for its multiple benefits especially in balancing and “tuning” the chakras.

Some believe that this energy comes from the Source and others believe that it comes from within: but all agree to say that the benefits of Reiki are undeniable.

Here is a list of the most important benefits of Reiki:

Promotes relaxation

Reduces stress

Reduces anxiety

Treats infections and inflammations

Removes symptoms of metabolic syndrome

Promotes emotional clarity and spiritual growth development

As many diseases are nowadays connected to stress at work or relations or due to environmental factors or disease itself, it is necessary to find ways to reduce stress in order to keep our body balanced and fit.

Stress can cause heartbeat irregularities, psychological dysfunctions, gastrointestinal disorders, angina, stokes, diabetes or even cancer.

Studies have shown that Reiki calms the mind and changes our state of consciousness.

Through Reiki, ill humor changes to become a more pleasant humor.

We feel our pain decrease and our muscles become more flexible.

In addition to improving our sleep, Reiki takes away stress and anxiety thus allowing the body to heal and to balance itself.

Through this healing process, we are also able to let go sorrows of the past and move on toward our aspirations.

We feel happier and live less anxiety as our States of mind improve.

Several Reiki practitioners will use semiprecious stones and sound frequencies to support their approach. Some sounds of waves, recorded in a specific tone will help reduce stress and deconstruct negative energies. Practitioners often use chakra candles, tuning forks, chimes, singing bowls, crystals and music which are all tuned to these vital frequencies.

Kheops offers Zen meditation chimes, singing bowls, crystals and more products that will assist the Reiki practitioner and his patient through this healing process.

The practitioner will concentrate all his intention of healing through the chakras, allowing them to clean and to realign. This will eliminate blocked energies and negative thought patterns that were long accumulated.

By the subtle results of energy work, Reiki, healer of body, mind and soul, allows the patient to experience several beneficial effects at all levels of being.